Do You Need a Good TMS Help Clinic?

If you are feeling down, or sad or losing interest or pleasure in some certain activities, if you are constantly thinking of bad things and not feeling positive anytime anywhere and all this is affecting your daily life in general then we believe that you are suffering from depression and you need immediate treatment. Even a small fraction of depression can cause a lot of harm to a person both mentally and physically. Such a situation should always be avoided and treated as soon as possible. Some facts show that about 7.6 percent of people suffer from depression over the age of 12. This can create a lot of problems and cause a lot of damage to the normal life of a person. There are many ways to avoid such cases but if someone is already suffering from chronic depression then we believe that immediate treatment can always help you. For that purpose, you can always look for a TMS help clinic around you.

What is TMS? What are these clinics?

TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression. This process is used only when other treatment processes have already been used and are not working.

During this process, an electromagnetic coil is placed against your scalp near your forehead. This coil painlessly sends a magnetic pulse to your brain nerves that stimulate nerve cells in your brain that controls mood and depression and increases the activity of nerves whose activity has been reduced at times of depression. The exact way of how it works is still unknown but what we can assure that it will always help people suffering from chronic depression because when the cells that create good mood are exposed to the brain, then the person starts feeling good about things and surroundings.

Why is this process done?

Depression is a condition that can be treated. But some people still do not recover therefore for overcoming depression the ultimate process is a regular TMS procedure that will help you recover depression and provide you mental peace and ease. Since the work of this procedure is to ensure that your brain cells that were inactive during depression are now active and working positively, the secretion of healthy enzymes in your body can take place creating and causing recovery and an impressive outcome.

Things you need to make sure before getting the treatment done:

  • Physical exam – get all the physical tests done through various labs that are required before the procedure to begin.
  • Psychiatric evaluation – the most important factor is a psychiatric consultation. A psychiatric should be there to evaluate your condition and assist you in the process also the treatment requires psychiatric permission.
  • If you have any implants – there are people with implants in their bodies who can get these treatments done but due to high magnetic fields, there are certain situations under which a person cannot get the treatment done. For this reason, you need to inform your doctor beforehand and consult for the same.
  • If you are taking medication – if you are taking any medication for any other disease then you need to provide the proper prescription and list of all the medicines that you take.
  • Other mental issues – if there are any other mental health issues or disorders then you need to inform the doctor of the same.
  • Brain damage or injury – if there are any past injuries on your head or damage caused to your brain then you need to give proper information of the same.
  • If you have been through a TMS treatment before then you need to inform the doctor of the same.
  • If you are suffering from continuous headaches then your doctor needs to know that too.

Keep in mind these things as informing these and taking care of this beforehand is of utmost importance. There are many reasons to these but the most important is that whether or not you undergo the treatment will be ensured by providing this information moreover how to handle the treatment and different modes of getting the treatment can also be decided for you.

Is it effective?

Yes, a TMS treatment is indeed very effective. There are various studies made on this subject and many people have undergone this treatment, moreover, this treatment is being performed for a long time and therefore ensures a safe and successful result. But the most important factor to note is that you need to ensure that you take proper treatment, that is, complete the whole procedure. If you relapse in between then the result you achieved so far may decline. Therefore the procedure requires serious commitment.

The best part about TMS is that not only depression but if you are suffering from general anxiety disorder then TMS is an FDA approved therapy to treat anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Apart from that, many insurance companies can help you cover the overall cost of the procedure, therefore, making it easier for you to apply for the therapy.

Where and how can you find the clinics?

Various clinics provide this facility but you can always consult internet sources to find the best TMS help clinic, or you can always consult your doctor to find out the clinics that offer the services at a cost-effective manner. All you have to do is go to these clinics and provide necessary details, consult the specialist and fix the dates. The most important fact is that you have to be regular for the treatment and seriously committed else you might lose the little progress you make through each session.

There are many ways to overcome depression but for people who are suffering from chronic depression and no other treatment is proving to be helpful, you can always consult your doctor and apply for TMS treatment ensuring you provide your previous medication details and other information so that your treatment can successfully take place.